entertainment law

Although a boutique Corporate and Contract law firm, we have still been able to produce results that matter in the business of Entertainment Law. What do we mean by that you ask? Well, the following are examples in areas of which we have produced not just happy clients but well deserved and welcomed results:


  • Organizational documents for musical groups
  • Litigation of trademark and copyright infringement
  • Formation of independent record labels and management, production and publishing companies
  • Review and negotiation of recording, CD and Music Video production and management agreements
  • Registration, maintenance and enforcement of copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights, including appearing before the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board on behalf of singers, songwriters, bands and corporate entities
  • Negotiation of music and branding-related clearances
  • ASCAP or BMI registration


  • Negotiation of literary and screenplay rights
  • Event Sponsorship Agreements
  • Pre-production review for television, film and print media
  • Negotiation of publishing rights related to theater productions
  • Review and negotiation of television and film talent agreements
  • Litigation of trademark and copyright infringement
  • Review and negotiation of license, assignment and royalty agreements

    What makes us stand out from other attorneys or firms that represent Sports & Entertainment clients is that the members of the firm have worked with such companies as SONY MUSIC, LOUD RECORDS and VIACOM and we are there for the Star that is yet to be born and the Star that has risen as we continue our growth in areas or experience in the following areas we want you to feel confident that your future is as important to us as it is to you. Let us meet if not exceed all your entertainment needs as they may apply:

  • Sports and Artist management, merchandising, motion picture studio representation, stage and SAG representation, production and distribution, multimedia, software, Internet, music industry, literary publishing, retail, recreation, gaming, television, home video, and cable.